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Five Cars That Matter at the Beijing Auto Show

The Auto China show opens this week in Beijing, giving consumers in the world's largest auto market a preview of new designs and technologies coming from the world's major auto makers. WSJ’s Global Auto Editor Joe White looks at five cars on display at the Beijing show that highlight important trends in this dynamic market.

'Devious Maids': The Powells Suffer a Home Invasion

Adrian (Tom Irwin), Evelyn (Rebecca Wisocky) and their guests are robbed at gunpoint during their dinner party, in this scene from Episode 1 (An Ideal Husband) of Devious Maids Season 2.

'Devious Maids': Marisol Faces Challenges Adjusting to Her New Home

Ana Ortiz, Mark Deklin and Joanna P. Adler talk about Marisol's new relationship, her moving into Nick's house, and her challenges dealing with Opal, in this video extra from Episode 1 of Devious Maids Season 2.

'Devious Maids': Marisol Asks Nicholas About Dahlia's Suicide

Marisol (Ana Ortiz) asks Nicholas why he hid Dahlia's suicide from her, in this scene from Episode 1 (An Ideal Husband) of Devious Maids Season 2.
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  • Home alarm systems, while once considered a luxury and reserved for the bigger, most expensive homes, have become more common in recent years. Not only have they become more affordable, but crime has become more widespread, and more people are taking measures to protect their homes, families, and possessions.

    Now that home alarm systems have become more widely used, they are also...

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  • Trying to get the most out of your exercise regimen can be difficult if you are pushing yourself too hard for just a few days out of the week and finding yourself tempted to skip days due to the levels of exhaustion that you hit. There is also the issue of time consumption as it is very difficult to set aside a few hours all at once to just exercise. Even worse is when you find yourself...

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  • Groceries are a staple of life and something that no one can ever do without. You need to eat and eating is simply not free. So what are some good ways to save on your grocery bill every month? A few very good ideas are to utilize coupons and sales. Always try to buy fruit and vegetables when they are in season as opposed to when they are out of season. Also, look to buy items in bulk as...

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  • There are many things to consider when thinking about whether or not you should stay at home when you are sick. If you have a cold, it may be a good idea to stay at home because most people are contagious in the first two to three days of a cold. By going to work, this could cause your co-workers to get sick as well, since you would be spreading the germs around your workplace. If this is the...

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  • During a summer heat wave when the sweltering temperatures reach the triple digit benchmark an air conditioner can be your best friend. Some people will go to great lengths to try and stay cool. They'll  go to the movie theater to watch a movie they don't want to see just to sit in a dark air conditioned room. They'll wander the frozen food aisle at the grocery store for hours just to...

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