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Next Media - Newborn Baby Found Alive After 6 Days in Sydney Storm Drain

For story suggestions please contact A newborn baby survived for six days after being dumped at the bottom of a stormwater drain in Sydney. Police believe the baby was born last Monday and was dumped in the drain on Tuesday, the Sydney Morning Herald reported. The 2.4-meter deep drain is off the M7 Motorway in Quakers Hill, according to the Australian.

Ohio Police Fatally Shoot Young Boy Wielding BB Gun

Officials in Cleveland say police opened fire on the boy because they mistook a BB gun for a real firearm.

Khloe K. Gets Pissed Over 30th Birthday Gift

You won't believe what makes Khloe Kardashian act like this! Check out her surprising reaction to a gag present on 'Kourtney & Khloe Take the Hamptons.'

Why Does Kim Kardashian West Avoid the Paparazzi?

When Kim K. reveals her insecurities, mama Kris is there to help. Watch Jenner's sweet words to her daughter on 'Kourtney & Khloe Take the Hamptons.'
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  • Getting a high school diploma used to require sitting in a classroom or taking home school classes. There weren't really any other options if you wanted an actual diploma instead of a GED.

    Today there is another option: getting a high school diploma online.
    Online high schools are becoming more popular as more and more people seek the advantages of having a high school...

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  • The purpose of entering a drug rehabilitation program, or drug rehab, is pretty well known. No one goes there for a vacation. But what exactly happens at drug rehab, and just how effective is it?

    Many people, at some point in their lives, will experiment with some type of drug or alcohol. For most people, it stops there. For others, though, especially those who are predisposed to...

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  • In today’s struggling economy, going on vacation is a luxury that fewer and fewer of us can afford. When it is possible for you to go on vacation, it typically requires careful budgeting and saving for months prior to departing. Because going on vacation has become such a luxury to most of us, getting the most out of the time you spend on vacation is more important than ever before....

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  •     It was Plato who said "necessity is the mother of invention." If you have a great invention idea that will fill a great need in our society then you're going to want to protect that idea. You're going to want to take these steps to go through the process of protecting your invention idea with a patent.    
        The first step in getting a...

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  • You've seen the signs on the backs of buses, heard the commercials, and seen the billboards, but have you ever really, honestly considered car donation?

    The personal and financial benefits of donating your car to an organization can be great, but beyond that, you are doing a great service to your community when you choose to donate your car instead of scrap it or sell it yourself....

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