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Murder-Suicide at New York Home Depot Leaves Two Dead

For story suggestions please contact An armed man fatally shot an employee at a Home Depot branch in New York on Sunday afternoon, sending panicked customers running for their lives. The gunman, aged 31, entered the crowded Home Depot store in Chelsea, New York on Sunday. Also an employee at the store, the shooter fired three shots at the store manager. The unidentified gunman then shot himself in the head, police said.

Angelina Jolie - The International Community Is Failing

Angelina Jolie visits Hanke refugee camp for Yezidi refugees who have fled ISIS in Iraq. During press conference she saud despite the massive efforts, the international community is failing to stop the extremist group.

"Birdman" Bests "Boyhood" at SAG Awards

The show business satire "Birdman" picked up another important award in its march toward the best picture Oscar by winning the top honor from Hollywood's actors on Sunday (January 25). "Birdman" won the best ensemble cast in a motion picture from the Screen Actors Guild.

Watt, Graham Win MVPs in 2015 Pro Bowl

Michael Irvin's team defeated Chris Carter's 32-28 in the 2015 NFL Pro Bowl on Sunday. The Texans' J.J. Watt was named the Defensive MVP while the Saints' Jimmy Graham took home the offensive.
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