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The Domestic Abuse No One Talks About

Welcome to Thrive on Live with @CaroMT. Domestic abuse isn't just physical, it's also financial. Author Ludy Green joins us to discuss her new book "Ending Domestic Violence Captivity" and explains how victims can regain mental and economic freedom.

Has Samsung Lost Its Grip To China?

The precipitous deterioration of Samsung Electronics mobile-phone business raises the question: Will Chinese companies soon rule the smartphone market?The world’s biggest smartphone maker by sales said Thursday that its third-quarter net profit dropped 49% as less-expensive handsets, chiefly from China, ate away at its business. A trio of market-tracking firms confirmed that the South Korean technology company is losing ground even faster than many analysts had predicted.

NaturalCycles Expands Its Contraception App Subscription Service In Europe

Swiss founded startup NaturalCycle, which has been testing its contraception app in the Nordics since last December has now opened it up to the U.K. market, making its first move to scale the subscription service which aims to offer women an alternative to hormone based contraception methods such as the pill. The app works in conjunction with a basal body thermometer to give the user an indication of safe days to have sex if they’re not trying to get pregnant.

Stop Incessantly Checking Your Phone

Welcome to Thrive on Live with @CaroMT. We all check our phones hundreds of times a day. But a new app can help you be more mindful of your smartphone habits. We talk with Checky's CEO and Founder about why this is a necessary tool.
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  • Most everyone has heard of the Atkins' diet by now - a diet where carbs are cut very low, while fat and protein is increased. And, while it might sound like the road to clogged arteries and weight gain, it has actually been proven to be a wildly successful diet plan. In several studies comparing low-fat diets to low-carb diets, those following low carb diets actually tend to lose more weight...

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  • Groceries are a staple of life and something that no one can ever do without. You need to eat and eating is simply not free. So what are some good ways to save on your grocery bill every month? A few very good ideas are to utilize coupons and sales. Always try to buy fruit and vegetables when they are in season as opposed to when they are out of season. Also, look to buy items in bulk as...

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  •  To discover the new bipolar treatments, first we must have some background on just what bipolar disorder is and what it entails. Bipolar disorder is a mental disorder that is characterized by the patient experiencing separate episodes of mania and depressions. Unlike people who are not affected by this condition, patients struggling with the bipolar disorder can go through periods of...

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  • When you’re in the market for a new washing machine, your choices may seem completely endless. The washing industry has certainly come a long way from washboards and clothes lines, and it seems every year a new line of washers come out with new features designed to make the chore of doing laundry less and less tedious. So how do you decide on one model of washer when there are so many to...

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  • In Sex and the City, Carrie Bradshaw exclaims, “No! Shopping is my cardio!” when introduced to the idea of shopping online. While she does make a point, many shopaholics like Ms. Bradshaw have given up their exercise routines for the comforts of shopping online. With online marketplaces like Amazon, shoppers can purchase almost anything with a click of the mouse so long as they...

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