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Bayern Players: 'You're a World Champion, but You Have to Forget It.'

Bayern Munich and Germany great Paul Breitner tells SI's Grant Wahl that the six German players who just won the World Cup must now forget about it to have a successful club season.

Cameron Diaz And Benji Madden Are Already Planning Their Wedding?! Is He Gonna Put A Ring On It Soon???

Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden JUST started dating this spring, but they are VERY hot and heavy!Are they so wildly in love that they're already making plans to settle down forever??!An insider spilled:"It's early, but they have talked about marriage."According to a source, they're already basically living together.The source continued:"Benji spends so much time at Cameron's that it seems he now kind of lives there. They look very happy together … Cameron hasn't looked this happy for years.

Beyoncé And Jay Z Hold Hands, Look Crazy In Love Amid Ongoing Split Rumors

Beyoncé and Jay Z are together! Blue Ivy 's parents were a lovey-dovey, smiling picture of a happily married couple onstage Wednesday night when their On the Run tour took over Seattle's Safeco Field. Between their public PDA moments and Bey's adorable Instagram snaps of her hubby and their little girl, it's clear that hip-hop's royal couple is putting up a united front.

Humane Society Saves Dog Trapped Under House

Abby, 35-pound German Shepherd mix, went missing from her home for nearly two days before her family heard whimpering under their house, so they contacted a local humane society to help.
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  • Once upon a time, printing was done on giant printing presses. These printers worked by pressing ink onto a piece of cloth or paper, and applying enough pressure to transfer the ink. About 3600 pages per day could be printed on a printing press, which was an extremely significant increase over traditional hand printing (about 40 pages per day). Even still, using a printing press was not easy...

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  • Spring is just a hop away, and this year you might want to cut your expenses at the grocery store by growing your own patch of veggies. Or perhaps you'd just like to spend more time outdoors by starting a garden. Regardless of the reasons, it can be done fairly easily. The average person may think growing your own food is difficult, but even the least experienced gardeners can enjoy a...

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  •  Why might you go to one of the inpatient & residential depression treatment centers across the US? Sometimes for privacy, sometimes to get away from the influences that may be driving your depression, sometimes because you have no real choice. Depression is a serious mental disorder that affects a significant portion of the population, worldwide. In the past, this disorder was often...

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  • Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a digestive disorder that causes abdominal cramping, pain, gas, bloating, and changes in bowel movements (alternating between loose stools or diarrhea  and constipation). IBS most often occurs in the teens to early adulthood, and it affects more women than men. It is thought to be a lifelong disorder.

    No one is sure what causes IBS, but it is...

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  •                 A birth certificate is a vital government document that documents the birth of a child. At some point in your life you'll need a birth certificate to acknowledges your existence to the government or as a form of identification to let people know for sure that you are who you say you are. The general...

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