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Want to Know How an NFL Athlete Really Stays in Shape?

Think it's all endurance training and weight lifting? Well, it is…plus an intense workout regimen that doesn't stop, even during the off-season. Pro trainer Matt Gates takes us inside Brandon Marshall's FIT Speed Athletic Performance facility in Weston, Fla. to find out how NFL athletes stay in shape year-round.

Rio's Olympic Golf Course in Jeopardy

Future of Rio's Olympic golf course is unclear after defendants and prosecutor fail in compromise.

Deep Down - TGS 2014 Trailer

Deep Down jumps into the future with the latest trailer from TGS 2014.

20 Minutes of MGS V: The Phantom Pain - TGS 2014

Kojima shows off over 20 minutes of live gameplay footage from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, featuring Quiet in action!
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  • There are a lot of really great reasons to join a gym, ranging from the convenience that a gym offers to the dedicated trainers and equipment that they have available. Normally, when exercising, it can be difficult to wrench yourself away from the day-to-day things that keep you busy, but at a gym you can focus exclusively on exercising. It can also be difficult to know how to properly utilize...

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  • In today’s day and age, having access to the information and communication link while on the go is very important to the majority of consumers. The massive drop in prices of cell phones and their corresponding data plans experienced at the dawn of the 21st century has lead to the massive popularity of these devices. Currently, it is very difficult to find a person who does not own a cell...

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  • Eating foods that are high in fiber is an important component of a healthy diet. People who base their diets on fatty meats and processed foods often don't get the fiber they need to maintain good digestive health. To include enough high fiber foods in your diet means eating more homemade meals and fresh foods such as fruits and vegetables. With so many reasons to include high fiber foods in...

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  • Eczema is a skin condition characterized by dry, rough, itchy patches of skin, most often seen on hands, neck, legs, and face. Scratching can lead to crusted sores, and should be avoided. Eczema can be itchy and painful, especially during dry or colder months, but there are some things you can do to make living with eczema more tolerable.

    Preventing eczema flare ups can sometimes be as...

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  • Trying to get the most out of your exercise regimen can be difficult if you are pushing yourself too hard for just a few days out of the week and finding yourself tempted to skip days due to the levels of exhaustion that you hit. There is also the issue of time consumption as it is very difficult to set aside a few hours all at once to just exercise. Even worse is when you find yourself...

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