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Baby Killed in Jerusalem Car Attack Was American Citizen

The U.S. State Department confirmed the 3-month-old baby killed in a suspected terrorist attack in Jerusalem was an American citizen.

These Stars Must Shine in 2015

Eddie Johnson lists top 5 players who need to have a great season in 2015.

Royals Clobber Giants 7-2 to Even World Series

Kansas City Royals designated hitter Billy Butler hit an RBI single giving Kansas City a 3-2 lead over the San Francisco Giants, and the Royals went on to defeat the Giants 7-2 to even the World Series 1-1 in games. (Oct. 23)

Hank Baskett's Secret Recording of Another Affair with Transsexual.

Hank Baskett's Secret Recording of Another Affair with Transsexual.
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  • There is no question that the introduction and use of computers has completely changed the way people live their lives. In comparison to the slow, monotonous, and personality driven culture of the 1950s, the changes experienced by the public in the last two decades of the 20th century are mindboggling. The incredibly rapid advancement of technology has allowed a complete revamping of business...

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  •                 If you're looking for a job that affords you the freedom to work from home then you may want to consider getting a home typing job. Stay at home moms have known for years the benefits of getting typing jobs from home. It allows for some extra income and spending cash. In today's job market where layoffs...

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  •                 A birth certificate is a vital government document that documents the birth of a child. At some point in your life you'll need a birth certificate to acknowledges your existence to the government or as a form of identification to let people know for sure that you are who you say you are. The general...

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  • More and more parents these days are taking up the option to home school their kids. Historically, homeschooling was the norm for children, as only wealthy, upper-class parents could afford the use of a teacher or private tutor. Over the years, however, institutionalized education became more popular, and eventually became the norm. There were always parents on the fringes who still...

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  • The purpose of entering a drug rehabilitation program, or drug rehab, is pretty well known. No one goes there for a vacation. But what exactly happens at drug rehab, and just how effective is it?

    Many people, at some point in their lives, will experiment with some type of drug or alcohol. For most people, it stops there. For others, though, especially those who are predisposed to...

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